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Welcome to Healing Hugs! I’m Tiffany Crockett, nice to meet you! I am a professional cuddle enthusiast. I offer warm, intuitive, platonic and caring cuddles along with body work. I am very tactile intelligent, outgoing and I can put anyone at ease. I have a lot of experience in being present and addressing needs after providing home healthcare for over 8 years. I also am going to grad school to be an Expressive Art Therapist (concentrating in mostly visual, music and movement).

I specialize in helping those with mental and physical disabilities experience the joy of being cared for in tactile and loving platonic bodywork. Especially good for those with anxiety around intimacy, or on the autism spectrum. Studies show that oxytocin can help those with autism respond to social cues. I also like to offer my humor and creativity to these sessions. Listen deeply and speak thoughtfully.

Please note that I do take sliding scale fee for those who qualify. I also offer discounts for military and students (just show ID). Give me a call to find out more!

For more information also visit my professional cuddling profile on Cuddle Comfort.

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As a professional cuddler, I am a master of platonic and intuitive touch that offers a personalized experience, which strives for your absolute happiness. Many folks do not get the amount of human intimacy they want or need on a daily basis, and professional snuggle therapy is the solution.

What is professional cuddling?

Professional cuddling can be a different experience for every client. Please give me a call for more information.

What do I wear?

Whatever you feel the most comfortable in. I will wear pajamas/lounge clothing. If you really want to maximize the skin to skin contact and oxytocin I recommend loose wearing shorts and t-shirt/tank-top. I also have a variety of clothing I like to wear and will check in with you on what would be the best for our session.

What if I become aroused?

Arousal can be common and should not be a reason to not receive cuddle therapy. When providing intimate cuddles sometimes one’s body can become excited/ romantic feelings can occur. This is OK. If physical arousal happens I do not need to know/hear about it unless you need help grounding. It passes quite quickly for this is a platonic service.

Who benefits from cuddle therapy?

Everyone! More and more scientific studies are coming out that show just how important physical connection and understanding is. It is a basic human need. Professional cuddling helps with intimacy issues, autism, ptsd, pain management, personal relationship improvement, physical illness (aids healing), etc.


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Privacy is an important part of trust and comfort that I take seriously. Any information or discussion between a client and myself is considered strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone else except in three circumstances: if there is a medical emergency and I have necessary information that preserves the patient’s safety, if the patient breaks a rule outlined clearly on this site, or if it is required by the law.


The following testimonials come from clientele who use CuddleComfort

“I just had my first cuddle experience. I couldn’t have selected the most perfect cuddler then Tiffany, she is not only a awesome cuddler. She gave me a wonderful neck, shoulders and arm massage. Between her wonderful cuddling, massage and our conversation this was the most therapeutic and wonderful experience I have ever had. Tiffany is a very special person. Treat her with respect and honor all boundaries with her and you will have a very enjoyable cuddling session.”

Robbie T

“She’s an interesting, quirky, open book. She not only brought her playlist, bet even her own lighting. LOL A cozy, intuitive, close cuddler with massage skills as an added bonus. I’ve met more than 20 cuddle pros in seven states, and Tiffaknee89 is among the best.”


“Wow you are such a talented cuddler. Easy conversation and your back massage is better then most licensed massage experts. I look forward to our next appointment you described your services to profection. I have tried others now I have found the best in the area. Thank you so much for the cuddle session.”


“It’s hard to imagine anything I could have done yesterday that could have made me feel better and healthier-mentally, physically, and emotionally, then the cuddling session I had with Tiffany. She is a special person-warm, welcoming, and caring. Cuddling with her was fun, nourishing, and beautiful.

Since this was my first time cuddling, I did not know what to expect, and was even a little skeptical that it could be a truly satisfying experience. Tiffany not only made me feel comfortable very quickly, but she was present, kind, attentive and refreshingly genuine for the whole session. I look forward to more cuddling with her, and I recommend her very highly!”



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Feel free to call and leave a brief message, I find it the best way to truly get to know one another and go over my services.

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